I am offering a 2008 Taylor GC8E for trade or sale but I'd prefer to trade it. 

I would love to find someone with a Clapton 000-28EC. I had one of these years ago and have regretted letting it go ever since.

But, I am interested in whatever you may have.

No issues with mine except that the previous owner was a working musician who liked to use the pick.  There is a worn area where a pick guard would be. Not deep but about the diameter of a 50 cent piece. (I'm not talking about the rappers hand gun)

Original case is included.

$1600 trade and sale value.




Tanglewood Sundance TW-73 Parlor

(in order of appearance, recent to first)(Year Built)
Taylor GC8E Sunburst (2008)
Martin D18VS (2007)
Larrivee PV-10 MRW (Guitar Adoptions 10 Year Anniversary Model)(2009)
Eastman AJ815 Arch Back (2008)
Martin 000-28VS with Anniversary Stamp (n2008)
Martin 000-15S with Factory Gloss (2006)

Olympia PS1 Electric Papoose (n2007)
Martin 000-28EC (n2006)
Martin Backpacker (?)
Larrivee LSV11E (n2006)
Larrivee SD-60 (n2005)

Larrivee P05MT (n2006)
Tacoma Papoose (?)
Martin J-40 (1999)
Zager Zad-50E (n2005)
Larrivee Special Parlor (?)
Martin OMC-16WE (2001)
Martin D-15 (n2002)
Oscar Schmidt (?)

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