Yes, I know the plague is rare too, but this is a great guitar. This is a D35S guitar, 12 fret configuration. three piece rosewood back and sides, sitka top. 1 7/8 nut.

This guitar sounds rich, warm and bright all at the same time. It has that broken in sound only an older martin gets.

It is in very good condition and work done to it includes: heat press on the neck to straighten it slightly (this does not need a neck reset), frets levelled, new pickguard (the old one was shrivelled up and there were a few tiny cracks under it -- all professionally repaired), new bone saddle, and maple bridgeplate glued on top of the rosewood one because the slots for the holes were a little worn.  the saddle is low but not too low and it is intonated (compensated?) so the notes at the 12 fret are like the open strings.

As an old guitar goes, there is a slight humping of the top behind the bridge, but they told me to leave it alone as the bracing is not affected and the guitar sounds great.

Bottom line, the tone is fabulous. standard forum trial period, 72 hours. buyer pays shipping both ways if returned. I don't know how to upload a pic on this site yet, so I will email you photos if you're interested. Asking $2500. Does not come with the original blue case. but I have some other case options.

Thanks, Paul
email me at [email protected]
I'm in the NYC/long island area if you want to try the guitar.

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